The Mystery on Lost Lagoon

Book four in the Nikki Landry Swamp Legend series

Legend has it if you go onto Lost never return

Nikki and her friends are off on a quest to track down a prehistoric-looking bird that’s been flying around the swamp islands near their home. However, their plans get sidetracked when they meet a stranger in their small town who apparently has some secrets to hide. 

Inevitably, the sleuthing group gets caught up in a tale surrounding a strange phenomenon near a hidden lagoon. Then they are kidnapped by a mysterious scientist who is on a mission of his own. 

Is there any truth to the legend that says if go onto Lost Lagoon, you will never come back out?  Is the eerie whirlpool that sits waiting to suck you in really a wormhole to another world? 

Join Nikki and friends, as well as one nutty parrot, as they discover the truth behind the Mystery on Lost Lagoon.