Map of Nikki Landry's World

Nikki Landry and her friends live in or near the bayou town of Morgan City, Louisiana, in 1956. Here is a map of the area with landmarks relating to their adventures. Feel free to download it for reference as you follow them in their journeys.

​Nikki lives along the levee in a houseboat on the bayou. Her home is marked, along with her friends' homes.​​ The area and the islands are real, and exist today as they did in 1956, without the houses and camp boats. The islands have been given fictitious names where none existed at the time.

Book 1 deals with "The Legend of Ghost Dog island." Book 2 "The Curse at  Pirate's Cove" begins on Fog Island and ends up in the Gulf of Mexico (not shown). Book 3, "The Secret in Mossy Swamp" is all about what's living in Mossy Swamp.

Book 4, "The Mystery on Lost Lagoon," takes place in a hidden lagoon on (Big) Dog Island. (Due out in late 2017)

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