Nikki Landry is the main character in the middle grade mystery, The Legend of Ghost Dog Island.  She is ten years old and lives perpetually in the 1950s, in the bayous of Louisiana. She lives in a houseboat with her papa, mama, younger brother, Jesse, and her best buddy...her beagle, Snooper. Nikki loves helping her papa fish for crabs and hanging out in the swamps. She wears overalls and likes to climb trees. 

To get a glimpse into her personality, following is an interview....

Q-What is your biggest fear?

Nikki: My biggest fear is what might be in that swampy place Papa calls Ghost Dog Island. Does it really have a creature out there that steals the souls of dogs? Will it come after my best buddy, Snooper?

Q-What is your best or worst childhood memory?

Nikki: Well, that can’t be too long ago, since I’m only ten. But when that gator got after my little brother and my dog tried to save him. That was pretty bad.

Q-What would you say is your biggest strength? Weakness?

Nikki: My biggest strength is that I am a good riddle solver. Just ask anyone.  My biggest weakness is that I get myself in trouble sometimes by not telling the truth.

Q-What is your biggest pet peeve?

Nikki: What’s a pet peeve? Is it something like a possum? I’ve never had one of those. I hear they are mean.

Q-Is honesty always the best policy?

Nikki: I guess it is, since my Papa gets awful upset with me when I’m not. But sometimes I forget.

Q-If you were stranded on an island and could only have 3 things (items or people), what would you choose to have and why?

Nikki: Island? I don’t want to be stranded on no lsland. I went out there to Ghost Dog Island with my friend, and I wouldn’t want to be out there by myself, what with gators, snakes, and mosquitoes. But if I did get stranded, I’d want a flashlight for sure, and my dog, Snooper. A boat wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

An Interview with Nikki Landry